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Kristin Knorr

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How to Recognize a High-Quality Afterschool Program

Observe potential programs you would like your child to participate in.  Look at the relationships between the staff and other students.  Be aware of the physical environment, is it clean and safe?

Ask about staff training, experience, qualifications, etc.

Ask about extracurricular activities, the daily schedule, academic enrichment, and other activities offered during the program time.

Talk to your friends and others about programs they would recommend. 

Sustainability Resources

Beyond the Bell Training

This program offers 96 tools to help you through all the challenges of out of school time programming.  Beyond the Bell works well both for those starting a brand-new program and those looking to improve and existing program. 

The North Dakota Afterschool Network Certified Beyond the Bell Trainers will tailor to your programming needs.

Modules of the program:

  • Management
  • Program Design
  • Partnership and Collaboration
  • Program Delivery
  • Evaluation
  • Program Improvement

Healthy Afterschools

Out-of-school time settings are the places where kids spend their time before and after school, during school breaks, and over the summer. These are prime environments where youth can be encouraged to eat healthier and move more.

The North Dakota Afterschool Network Certified Healthy Out of School Time Trainers will tailor to your programming needs to develop healthy habits of young people.