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Be Part Of The Impact

Parents & Community members

Be Part Of The Impact

Parents & Community members

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At ND Afterschool Network, we know that a community is only as strong as its students.  As parents and community members, you want to advocate for equity in education and set local youth up for future success. The problem is that there are not enough afterschool programs available in your community, and information about programs that are offered is difficult to navigate. Without access to high-quality out-of-school-time programming, youth fall behind in school, destructive behaviors like crime and substance abuse increase, and communities suffer—leaving you feeling frustrated and questioning our future.

We believe that all youth deserve access to programming that will help them thrive and that anyone passionate about education should be equipped with information that will help them help students succeed. Because we are educators, parents, and community members, we understand the impact afterschool can have on youth and families. We’ve seen first-hand how these programs build communities—which is why we have supported afterschool programs impacting over 19,000 youth in communities across North Dakota. 

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Find out what afterschool programs may be available in your community.


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Advocate for afterschool programs in your community by talking with school and community leaders about the importance of afterschool for your family.

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