Be Part Of The Impact

Policy Makers

Be Part Of The Impact

Policy Makers

We Get It

At ND Afterschool Network, we know that you want to grow North Dakota’s economy, solve complex problems, and make life better for your community—and investing in students is one proven way to accomplish all three of those goals. Access to afterschool programming has been shown to inspire students to learn, support working parents, build 21st-century skills like teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and build a strong future workforce. The problem is that policymakers like you have too many priorities and not enough time or resources to address all of them—leaving afterschool programming to fall by the wayside, and you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. 

We understand the needs of your district because we live here. That’s why we provide the infrastructure built to maximize afterschool support for students. Over the past four years, we have helped build programs that have impacted over 19,000 students in communities across North Dakota.

In order to bolster our state’s workforce and make life better for North Dakotans, we must invest in out-of-school-time programs for North Dakota students.

Want to help students across our state thrive?

Here’s What You Can Do

Visit our statewide database

Visit Resource Library, to browse our database of available afterschool learning programs.


Advocate for funding

Include funding for afterschool programming in upcoming legislation.

Discover the impacts

Discover how afterschool can prepare students for college and career.